Use Courier Services to Save Money on Shipping Fees

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Use Courier Services to Save Money on Shipping Fees

If you are like most business professionals, you may think about using the major shipping service providers that offer services across the country and beyond. While these main shipping service providers can address most of your small business shipping needs, it may not be cost-effective to use them for short-distance or local needs. You understandably need to get your packages delivered on time and in great shape, but you also need to find the most affordable shipping options available. If you are looking for a convenient and effective way to reduce your small business shipping expenses, you may consider analyzing courier services available in your local area.

Analyze Your Local Shipping Needs
Before you can determine if local courier services are a cost-effective solution for you, it is important to first analyze your local shipping needs. Are you shipping small or letter-sized packages through the postal service? Are you forced to send some of your packages via overnight delivery to save time or to ensure they arrive by a certain date? Do you regularly ship fragile or oddly shaped boxes that require special handling? A smart idea is to monitor your local shipping needs over the course of the next few months, taking note of each package size and weight that is shipped locally. Through this effort, you will be able to better determine which shipping method is best suited for your local needs.

Find the Right Courier Services for Your Needs
After you have fully determined your specific needs for local courier service, you can then begin exploring the service providers available. Many specialize in small business shipping needs, and they may offer pick-up service from your office for no additional charge. They may also accept all sizes, shapes and weights of packages provided they fit in their courier vehicles. Their limitations, however, may be on shipping locations. For example, many courier services only provide service in their local metropolitan area, and there may be considerable fees that you may need to pay for shipping to addresses outside of the city and suburban areas. In addition, many local couriers also can provide same-day results, and next-day results will be a worst-case scenario.

Each shipping service provider may charge a different rate when shipping the same package, so you can save money shopping around and comparing rates before you place a shipping order. When it comes to local shipping needs, you generally will find the best available rates as well as the fastest overall service when you use a local courier services provider. Take time today to compare courier rates and services so that you know exactly who to contact for your next local shipping need. It could be useful to visit Flagship Courier Solutions for more information.

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