Common Mistakes People Make When Moving Long Distances

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Common Mistakes People Make When Moving Long Distances

Moving is a stressful experience. There’s no doubt about it. Naturally, most people are aware that taking extra time to plan and organize will make the process much easier. But there are other easily missed mistakes that people make when moving long distances as well.
To make your Calgary movers as easy and stress-free as possible, make sure to avoid making the following mistakes.

#1 Not sorting and tossing as you pack

Every little bit of space in your moving van counts, so make sure that you’re not packing up things that you never use. To prevent this situation, sort and toss as you pack.

This process is simple. Make a designated area for garbage, one for things to give away or donate and one for things to pack. If you need to continue using things up until the moment that you move, set those items in a designated area as well. These should be the last things that you pack.

#2 Using bedding, towels and clothes to pack breakable items

It will be tempting to avoid buying that large roll of packing foam and the extra expensive tape, but do it. Using bedding, towels and clothes to pack breakable items is not a good idea.

Not only will your nice clothing items and other linens be at risk for getting permanently damaged, but you’ll have to dig through your boxes and unpack things if you want to use a towel or put sheets on your bed. Bite the bullet, and buy the packing materials that you need.

#3 Not accurately estimating how much stuff you have

It’s easily to take a look around and assume that you have about one truckload of stuff when you really have about enough to fill three trucks. On the other hand, you might assume that you have three trucks worth of stuff when you really only have enough to fill a big van.

Make sure that you accurately estimate how much you have before moving, or you will almost certainly end up losing money and screwing up your moving schedule. Usually, it’s a matter of organizing and packing up earlier rather than later to ensure that you can get a good hold on your load.

#4 Not hiring a professional moving company

Finally, always hire professionals to help you move. It’s never a good idea to try to undertake a huge long distance move yourself. Professional movers will make the entire process much easier for you and your family.

Realistically, you probably won’t be able to avoid all possible mistakes when you move. But being aware of some of the most common mistakes that long distance movers make will surely prevent huge upsets. Heed the warnings above to make your move as smooth as possible. For more information on professional movers visit Premiere Van Lines.

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