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Understanding the True Cost of Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle

Many people drive their vehicles for work-related purposes. Some are provided the choice to drive their own vehicles and to take advantage of a vehicle reimbursement program or to drive a company vehicle as an alternative. Others are required to drive their own car for work and are provided with a car allowance to compensate them for wear and tear on their vehicle, fuel expense and more. Many drivers who are thinking about participating in a vehicle reimbursement program believe that the car mileage allowance is a great deal provided the return to them is greater than the cost of gas. However, as you review your company’s car allowance policy, consider these points.

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Why Logistics Companies Rarely Go Out Of Business

Despite the state of the economy, goods have to move from one point to another. That’s the secret behind the perennial health of Canadian logistics companies. However, all logistics companies are not the same. Some incorporate a perfect blend stellar services, technology and innovation in their daily activities to keep their sales soaring higher and higher while maintaining a smooth flow of the local and international supply chain. Logistics providers have in the last couple of years created over 1600 jobs in the Canadian economy and chipped in over 400 million Canadian dollars to the country’s GDP. Interestingly, the distribution and manufacturing sectors of the industry which the logistics sector relies on, were hit hard.

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