5 Distinctive Benefits of Using a Logistics Company that Cannot Be Ignored

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5 Distinctive Benefits of Using a Logistics Company that Cannot Be Ignored

For companies that are importing or exporting goods internationally, it can be enticing to take the cost effective route of handling the logistics in-house; however, there are certain benefits associated with partnering with a logistics company or freight forwarder that should not be ignored. While the benefits of creating a logistics department in-house should definitely be considered, certain aspects of an external logistics partner demand attention as well.

An independent logistics company is defined as an entity that is not a member any multinational of global freight forwarding organizations. Independent logistic companies do not have offices throughout the globe, they tend to partner with other independents in destination and origin companies in which they do business. The fact that they do not have multiple international offices, means that they will not have a great deal of overhead, and those savings will be passed on to you.

1. Flexibility and Agility

In this rapidly evolving economy, the term “agility” has become a catch phrase of sorts. In this case, agility refers to the ability of smaller, independent freight forward to make the necessary adjustments to make sure that their services cater to your specific needs and preferences. Attempting to handle the logistics in-house means that the agility would have to be included in the development of the logistics infrastructure, and constant change can be costly.

2. Vetted and Monitored

Independent logistic companies are a part of a rapidly growing net of shippers and freight forwarders that operate independently, and these networks depend heavily on one another to provide high quality services on a consistent basis. These logistics companies are vetted and monitored by the networks they operate in. They are required to maintain certain ethical and financial practices and operational standards in order to operate within the network.

3. The Ability to Offer Personalized Customer Attention and Service

Working with an independent logistics company exposes your client to a more intimate and proactive experience. The direct, one-on-one approach used by independent shipping company can ease the stress and anxiety of a client that may not be familiar with the warehousing and international shipping process.

4. Supply Chain Facilitation

Instead of simply becoming another link in your supply chain, and independent shipped with help facilitate communication throughout the supply chain, functioning as supply chain consultants — bridging the gaps in communication.

5. Price Competitiveness

The shipping industry is highly competitive, and being able to compete on price points is a substantial weapon for any company to have in their arsenal. Working with an independent freight forwarder will reduce your shipping costs significantly, allowing you to pass the savings on to your client.

In the international shipping business, one small delay, or a failure to adequately respond to a customer’s concern, could can cost you clients, something that you cannot afford. Working with an independent shipper provides the additional support you will need to fulfill your obligations to your clients. For additional insights, please visit 3PL Links.

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